9th November 2022 – Posthuman Aesthetics Symposium

Posthuman Aesthetics Symposium

Wednesday 9th November 2022, 14.00 – 17.00

University of Lincoln, NDH1010

A special symposium will take place in conjunction with Dean Kenning and John Timberlake’s exhibition Survival Unit, running at Project Space Plus. In conversation with Steve Klee, the artists will expand on their collaboration in relation to their own individual practices in the fields of painting and sci-fi (John) and kinetic, robotic and analogue sound sculpture (Dean). They will discuss practical aspects of the work as well as some of the aesthetic and theoretical sources of the exhibition, in the fields of biology, AI, posthuman philosophy, kinetic sculpture and dystopian speculative fiction.

The symposium will include presentations by Elizabeth Sherratt and Hermione Spriggs.

Elizabeth is an art and science PhD student at Lincoln studying Equine Sensory Simulation Devices as a way to view the world from a nonhuman, animal simulated perspective and therefore generate a discussion on how ‘becoming a nonhuman animal’ can lead to a better understanding of how horses experience their world.

Hermione is currently undertaking a practice based art and anthropology PhD at UCL on traps and tracks, with a focus on rural pest control in North Yorkshire, asking how hunters communicate with animals and exploring the relevance of a hunting attitude to environmental art practice.