24th October 2023 – Georgina Barney

Please read a review of Georgina’s talk for Thye Linc by Amanda Jones here

Georgina Barney’s current practice revolves around the dye and pigment garden on site in the old playground at Primary in Nottingham which she developed and maintains with Primary and Audrey Leach (Primary Gardens). She experiments with plant-dyeing and other processes such as extracting pigment and making paint.

Georgina’s background is that of a contemporary artist. Prior to a shift into the territory of craft, she spent over ten years exploring ideas of ‘Art and Farming’, participating in national discourses about art and the rural. Outcomes of this work were often participatory: in particular, working with the farming community and making connections between metropolitan art institutions and rural sites.

Georgina’s ongoing interests in place, the natural world, and drawing link this previous, more conceptually-driven chapter of work with her current one as a ‘maker’.

Georgina is also an experienced teacher with a commitment to sharing knowledge with diverse audiences. She delivers workshops with arts organisations including Primary, and privately. Georgina has been instrumental in helping and training Assunta Ruocco and Polly Lancaster to set up Pigment Patch on the Sculpture terrace, above Project Space Plus at the University of Lincoln. Pigment Patch is a space for growing and working with pigment and dye plants for students and staff to enjoy and experiment with on campus.

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