11th October 2022 – Katharina Fitz

Katharina Fitz mainly works in the field of sculpture and installation often in reference to industrial processes and architecture. The physical engagement of the body is notably present in her practice where traces and props of making draw the viewer into an exploration of the work. She often uses and adapts traditional processes such as mould making, casting and plaster turning to create and activate sculptural form. Through the use of these techniques, objects are constantly flipped, copied, mirrored, turned and mutated as if pushed through a metamorphosis. Fitz questions the hierarchy and value of objects in a mass-produced and highly globalised world and imports jigs, tools and moulds into the exhibition space. By exposing instead of hiding the practicalities of making she pushes the act of manual work into the exhibition space to bring the intimacy of the studio into contact with the audience.

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